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Our expertise is in the application of corrosion protective and decorative coatings for ferrous and non-ferrous components, as well as anodising and passivation of aluminium, together with lubricants and pre-applied technology for thread locking and sealing devices.

Our group operates in all market sectors from the construction and automotive sectors, to the advanced electronic, aerospace and telecommunications industries.




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Surface coatings have been in use by man for hundreds of years and electroplating began in 1803.


Widely used by industry in general, and automotive manufacturers in particular, electrodeposited zinc gives sacrificial protection to the underlying iron or steel, that is the zinc corrodes in preference to the substrate.

Zink Flake

The Zinc Flake Coating was developed to give an improved corrosion resistant coating compared to electro plated zinc and also give other advantages especially when applied to small parts and in particular fasteners.

Organic Coatings

Organic coatings can be supplied, which consist of a coloured pigment bonded with a heat curing polymer. PTFE or molybdenum disulphide can also be included to give controlled lubricity.

Mechanical Plating

Mechanical plating can be used to apply zinc, tin or aluminium coatings, either singly or in combination. It is, essentially, a 'cold welding' concept that applies the coating using mechanical energy, at room temperature, without giving any lasting h

Lubricants & Torque modifiers

These coatings are often more economical than the resin bonded dry film lubricants and can be applied to a large number of standard finishes.

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